..And Justice For All

Protected by God..
Educating uneducated and protecting righteous history.
This non-violent protest about discriminated oppressed righteous non-whites.
Four-hundred plus years of inequality / injustice for blacks, new POTUS needed.
Names of victims and the corrupt hiding amongst us, as they think we fear them.
Bias, blasphemous, bullies, hypocrits, racist, sacrilege & terroristic public officials.
Canada communism/national socialism hide, disguised as public officials to protect?
Investigators from outside Canada needed to conduct proper investigations in Canada.
Systematic discrimination / racism needs to stop and swift justice / penalties is a must.
As a black man, know we are most forgiving, however, pushing us around must stop!

#Blackout ¦ #BLM ¦ 13th Amendment ¦ BLM ¦ Charters ¦ Constitution ¦ NFAC
Victims and thier Corrupt Offenders / Oppressors
Encounters with those listed below need further investigation,
wondering what other crimes they committed and are getting
away with, meanwhile what other corruption they continue....
What is with all the White Privileged pretending doesn't exist.

RIP - Rest In Power - Speaking for those of us who can not.
Offender(s) Names / Initials Province / State Country Nation Offender Allegation(s)
Punishment Sought
13 Victims (May 14, 2022) Payton Gendron NY USA Domestic Terrorism - Hate Crimes Death Penalty - Capital Punishment
John Lewis - Uncle Robert (Jul.17, 2020) None - Natural Causes GA USA N/A - Natural Causes None
Martin Luther King Jr. - MLK (April 04, 1968) Communism/National Socialism TN USA Execution Death Penalty - Capital Punishment
John F. Kennedy - JFK (Nov 02, 1963) Communism/National Socialism TX USA Execution Death Penalty - Capital Punishment
Abraham Lincoln (April 14, 1865) John Wilkes Booth D.C. USA Communism/National Socialism Death Penalty - Capital Punishment
Adrien Green   FL USA Homicide  
Ahmaud Arbery McMichael's
William Bryan Jr.
GA USA Homicide, Attempted Kidnapping, Hate Crime Death Penalty - Capital Punishment
Atatiana Jefferson Aaron Dean TX USA Homicide  
Botham Jean Amber Guyger TX USA Homicide  
Breonna Taylor Brett Hankison KY USA Homicide  
Christian Cooper Amy Cooper NY, NY USA Bearing False Witness, Discrimination  
Daniel Prude NY USA  
Deborah Danner Hugh Barry NY USA Homicide  
Dennis Plowden Erich Ruch Jr. PA USA Homicide  
Dijon Kizzee CA USA Homicide  
Daunte Wright Kim Potter MN USA Homicide  
Eric Garner Daniel Pantaleo LA USA Homicide  
Freddie Gray MD USA Homicide  
George Floyd Derek Chauvin
J. Alexander Kueng
Thomas Lane
Tou Thao
MN USA Homicide, Abuse of Authority, Gross Negligence
Aiding and Abetting, Homicide
Aiding and Abetting, Homicide
Aiding and Abetting, Homicide
Death Penalty - Capital Punishment
Jacob Blake Rusten Sheskey WI USA Attempted Homicide  
Jean René Junior Olivier Multiple Officers QC Canada Homicide  
Jonathan Price Shaun Lucas TX USA Homicide  
Kevin Taylor Multiple MB Canada Attempted Homicide, Public Incitement of Hatred  
Michael Brown Darren Wilson MO USA Homicide  
Natasha McKenna VA USA Homicide  
Philando Castile MN USA Homicide  
Ronald Greene Chris Hollingsworth LA USA Homicide  
Sandra Bland Brian Encinia TX USA Homicide  
Trayford Pellerin LA USA  
Trayvon Martin George Zimmerman FL USA Homicide Death Penalty -Capital Punishment
Multiple Jack Ewatski MB Canada Note: was lead investigator in at least 2 wrongful homicide convictions (over-turned), Racial Profiling, Incompetence  
Multiple Jeffrey Epstein     Sexual Assault  
Multiple Daniel Holtzclaw OK USA Sexual Assault  
Robert Lee Bilik's / Dumont's  MB & BC  Canada False Statements, Forgery/Fraud, Gangsterism, Hate Speech, Slander  
Robert Lee E. Luke (Badge # 1698)
J. Boehm (# 2409)
B. Foidart (# 2567)
MB Canada Attempted Homicide, Assault with Weapon(s) x 12, Assault Causing Bodily Harm, Brutality, Assault Causing Physical Injury, Unnecessary Violence/Excessive Force, Evidence Tampering, Uttering Threats, Intimidation, Harassment/Hate Crime, Incompetence, Communism/National Socialism 20 Years to Life
Robert Lee RCMP
C. Buxton Carr
S. Martindale
Unnamed others
BC Canada Abuse of Authority, Colonialism/Communism, Discrimination, False Witness, Harassment, Incompetence, Intimidation, National Socialism, Oppression, Racial-Profiling, Unlawful Imprisonment, Communism/National Socialism  
God only ~